What Your Waiting Room Says About Your Business

The lobby is the first impression that your potential customers will have of you and your business. Just as subtle body language, dress and hygiene say a lot about a person during a first meeting, the look, atmosphere, and contents of your waiting room says a lot about you and your business. This isn’t just a new age theory on lobby interior design. Surveyed customers have actually given doctors and businesspeople mediocre marks on customer service after a less than spectacular experience in the lobby. Below are a few considered things the next time you walk through your lobby. Lets take a look at your entertainment offerings.


Many lobbies contain televisions today that offer a variety of programming. However, the programs you allow, along with the other entertainment that you provide in the waiting room, is an insight into how much you truly care about the people waiting for your time. For example, pediatricians who tend to allow free reign on television programming with little other offerings are giving parents the impression that the person paid to see to the health of the child could care less. Why? Any adult that spends tremendous time around children knows that they need a variety of stimulation, and not just anything will do. Kids need enrichment for their cognitive development and bodies. Television does not fit the bill. In fact, There should only two hours of TV time for older children, none for the toddlers and younger, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Thus, a pediatrician could be perceived as more than insensible, as hypocritical in caring for the health of young children. Instead of playing cartoons channel all day on your lobby television:

play videos designed to educate parents on the health of their children, music, or inspirational videos geared toward soothing the frustrated parents dealing with the children.
Incorporate learning stations: reading (lots of books for each age group that regularly visit your office), activities (printable worksheets, games, puzzles), hands on play equipment (kitchens, playhouses, etc.), and quiet areas away from the main waiting area if possible.
Add a suggestion box where parents can offer idea for entertainment.

There are several ways to make a better first impression with adults through your entertainment selections.

Keep the magazines updated, at the very least within the current season. Neglecting to sort through your magazines is just one small sign that other things may not be attended to properly.
Choose neutral television programming. Adult choices in television viewing are as varied as children are. Stay away from the entire “what my program choice says about me” dilemma by choosing pre-taped program that soothe, inspire, or educate the people in your lobby.

Make sure that you update your entertainment choice in order to give the impression that your business is a top priority; such a small action speaks to your passion for your work as well. The choices you make in something as seemingly minor as entertainment choice can make or break a good first impression with a patient. The key to overcoming the boredom or anxiety that people feel while waiting for their appointment is distraction and activity. Successful entertainment choices are just one way to accomplish this key ingredient to your lobby waiting room.